About us

Company mission and policy

Inventia is a Polish company founded in 2001, setting trends from the very beginning as a supplier of telemetry and location devices. So far, we have sold over 140,000 telemetry modules to 65 countries around the world. The devices we manufacture are successfully used in environmental protection, water and sewage management, thermal and professional energy, transport, and protection of facilities.

We extended our company's mission to support modern and precise agriculture, i.e. Smart Village. We provide competitive and innovative solutions based on wireless data transfer to manage farm resources and maintenance-free automation facilities.

We help achieve an increase in cost-effectiveness, productivity, and competitiveness of Polish agricultural production.

For this purpose, we use modern solutions derived from automation and telematics systems. We use GPRS transmission, GPS location, cloud data storage, applications for smartphones and tablets to help protect the natural environment, increase the value of crops produced by agricultural producers and strengthen the potential of the Polish economy.

To support Polish farmers in achieving efficient crops, reducing costs, and managing the entire enterprise remotely, we cooperate with specialists from the Horticulture Institute. They conduct research programs on all aspects related to horticultural and agricultural production.

Quality policy

The overriding goal of our activity is to provide solutions tailored to the expectations of our clients. To this end, we monitor customer satisfaction, improve the qualifications of our employees, and modernize the design, production, and sales and after-sales service processes.

The guarantee of the quality of products and services offered by Inventia Sp. z o.o. is a declaration that the developed and implemented quality management system complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.