WGA-10 Telemetry controller dedicated to agrotechnology

WellGreen® WGA-10 is a fully autonomous, radio-communicated, battery-powered device for irrigation and monitoring of living parameters of vegetation. Thanks to the possibility of working with non-pressurized water sources (reservoir), it can be used successfully even in places where there are no water intakes that would allow traditional irrigation systems to work.

The soil probe integrated with the device measures soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity (salinity), allows you to monitor the soil parameters remotely, and make decisions about the need to start the irrigation process when soil moisture drops below the threshold set in the device.


Strengths of the WGA-10

  • Provides automatic irrigation based on schedules and sensor inputs

  • Provides information necessary to make agrotechnical decisions

  • Provides a fully autonomous solution

  • Is battery powered

  • Communicates by radio

  • Works with non-pressure water tanks of various shapes and capacities

  • Availability for system management from anywhere in the world

  • Built-in alarms and events notify you of device impairs

The WGA-10 controller irrigates plants only under the conditions set by the user, which allows for rational water management, maintaining optimal conditions for plant life, and reducing the number of trips of mobile services replenishing water in tanks.

WGA-10 allows you to optimize the costs of maintaining urban green areas:

  • the device alerts about the low level of water in the tank, thanks to which the services responsible for replenishing it can react on an ongoing basis, build a water replenishment plan, and leave only in justified cases,

  • provides optimal conditions for plant life, thanks to which there is no loss in the areas covered by this method of irrigation and reduces the need to replant dry plants (also under guarantee),

  • has advanced adaptation and optimization algorithms, thanks to which the device learns based on information from built-in sensors and optimizes the amount of electricity consumed from the battery pack, necessary to supply plants with water.

WGA 10

Download the WGA-10 telemetry controller datasheet