the comfort of your greenery

Precision irrigation system fed with water from a non-pressurized tank

WellGreen® is a family of agrotechnical products supporting and automating the management of urban greenery, parks, and plants in home gardens.

The use of WellGreen® solutions is in line with the policy of rational water management. It brings some benefits, mainly related to saving water, limiting its transport, and improving plants' living conditions, which translates into saving money in every aspect.

WellGreen® functionalities

  • Remote irrigation control, the ability to configure automatic schedules adapted to the type of installation and plants, monitoring of humidity and temperature of the substrate and the water level in the tank

  • Battery operation independent of external energy sources

  • Wireless transmission of system status information

  • Permanent access to data via web and mobile applications

  • Data transfer via GSM network

  • Programmable measurement schedule (the ability to perform measurements in cycles independent of the watering schedule)

  • Preview of measurement results and historical graphs using a web browser or smartphone application

  • Sending emergency information via e-mail or SMS

The WellGreen® solution currently consists of two independent devices:

Both devices can be managed and monitored remotely, from anywhere globally, using the DataPortal system, which archives the user's data in the cloud.