Knowledge hub

The expert on crop irrigation and fertilization is Prof. Dr. Waldemar Treder, head of the Irrigation Laboratory of the Agroengineering Department of the Institute of Horticulture PIB in Skierniewice, who contributed to the AGREUS® System with his extensive knowledge of precision agriculture and his passion for technologies supporting modern crop management.

Porady eksperta

Professor Waldemar Treder conducts research with a team of specialists in the field of:

  • fertilization and irrigation of horticultural crops, evaluates the effectiveness of irrigation and fertigation in field and cover crops, using various optimization systems, taking into account the state of the weather and water resources of soils,
  • development of soilless systems for growing crops under covers, supported by lighting (LED), closed nutrient solution circuits, testing of varieties, substrates, fertilizers and plant growth promoters,
  • development of measurement systems for automation of horticultural production,
  • influence of environmental factors on plants (tolerance of plants to biotic and abiotic stresses, especially water deficit).

We hope that this knowledge will help you more effectively use the capabilities of the state-of-the-art AGREUS® wireless system for irrigation and fertigation management.