WG-100 - Soil probe for measuring moisture, salinity, and temperature of soil substrates

WellGreen® WG-100 is an autonomous soil probe that measures soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity (salinity), which allows you to monitor the condition of the soil remotely, e.g. verify watering cycles or soil salinity. The data is sent to the DataPortal system, from where it is available online 24 hours a day.

Soil Monitoring

Benefits of using WG-100

  • Provides the obtained information to the DataPortal system (remote access to measurement data). It enables verification whether the vegetation has been irrigated or whether the level of soil salinity has harmed its condition.

  • Provides a fully autonomous solution – saves time.

  • Is battery powered

  • Communicates by radio

  • It has a built-in GPS and accelerometer to facilitate location, also in the event of theft

  • Possibility to bury the probe in the soil to the "0" level

  • User-defined alarms and events inform about device malfunctions


Download the WG-100 probe datasheet