Agreus at the 24th Plant Irrigation Symposium

On September 13-16 this year in Bydgoszcz-Fojutowo took place the 24th Plant Irrigation Symposium entitled “Plant Irrigation in the light of sustainable development of rural areas – nature and production aspects, as well as technical and infrastructural”. The meeting was organized by the Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology of the Bydgoszcz University of Technology by J. J. Śniadeccy in cooperation with the Committee of Agronomic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Department of Agroengineering of the Irrigation Laboratory of the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice – National Research Institute and the Mayor of the city and commune Brusy. The participants of the Symposium were representatives of scientific communities from Poznań, Warsaw, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz as well as from abroad: Turkey and Hungary. Also, enterprises related to the irrigation practice were absent there.

Piotr Mrowca – the representative of Inventia Sp. Z o.o., had the honor of participating in this Symposium and gave a lecture on the AGREUS® system – a wireless measurement and control system for irrigation and fertigation for horticulture and agriculture. The presentation enjoyed the great interest of the gathered guests. We hope that the system will gain the trust of the scientific community to spread knowledge about it among students and end-users.