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Wireless measurement and control of crop irrigation

Limited expenses
Productive crops

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Remote control
of soil salinity

Fertilization adapted to the actual plant needs

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AGREUS® – an excellent choice

In running a farm, you cannot afford to be accidental. All activities should be carefully planned in such a way as to maximize profits while guaranteeing the safety of agricultural production and its high quality. AGREUS® allows you to increase yields while optimizing costs, thanks to 24/7 access to information about what is happening on the farm.

Dlaczego AGREUS

AGREUS® - a comprehensive solution

AGREUS® is the result of combining Inventia's experience in wireless telemetry and the knowledge and skills that we gain by working with the Irrigation Laboratory of the Agroengineering Department of the Institute of Horticulture (InHort) in Skierniewice. As a result of this cooperation, a comprehensive solution was created that can be used to control the humidity, temperature, and salinity of soil and horticultural substrates and control irrigation of agricultural and horticultural crops, nurseries, and green areas.


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The communication between the modules and the application is wireless. You can cover the most distant areas of your farm with the AGREUS® system.

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The accuracy of measurement data, frequent sampling, and, above all, the calibration algorithms prepared by the Institute of Horticulture ensure the high quality of the information provided.

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Notifications via the mobile application, e-mail, and/or SMS ensure that the user is kept informed about all events defined as abnormal.

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Access to measurement data and 24/7 controller management via the application is available from the level of a web browser.

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Applications of AGREUS®

  • Moisture monitoring of soil and horticultural substrates

  • Salinity monitoring of soil and horticultural substrates

  • Temperature monitoring of soil and horticultural substrates

  • Monitoring of air temperature and humidity

  • Monitoring of dew point temperature and wet bulb temperature

  • Remote irrigation control based on actual soil moisture

  • Fully configurable, automatic (SMS / e-mail / mobile application) warning systems about exceeding the measured parameters, e.g. the occurrence of frost

  • Monitoring the leaf wetting time, estimating the likelihood of fungal infections

  • Lighting management

  • Viewing and generating reports from historical data

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